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Leather gauntlet/bracer combo

In fantasy and medieval games I usually wear forged plate arms, which cover all the way from my wrist up to the middle of my bicep and combine it with chainmail gloves. However for some games I need lighter armour, so  I decided to make leather bracers. After browsing a bit online I discovered a design on eBay, that combined both the bracer and the gauntlet, which I didn't quite like, but I figured I could use the idea and design something I like better. So I started with a blank sheet of A4 paper and marked the middle of its short sides:

Then I used a pencil to roughly trace my arm's shape on the paper and based on this rough shape I sketched a rough shape of the bracer.

The paper is then fold on the center line and cut following the sketched lines:

After a few tests, during which I wrapped the template around my arm, I realized that it's quite long and at the same time too narrow to cover my arm well enough, so I taped another sheet to the first one and enlarged the design by approximately 3 centimeters:

After a few more rounds of taping, cutting and wrapping it around my arm I came out with this basic template:

However while I liked the initial result, I wanted something with a more fantasy looks, so I traced the template to a new sheet of paper and started modifying it:

Next thing I needed was a template for a few overlapping pieces which would form the gauntlet. The initial size was easy to figure - I wanted them to overlap by about 2 cm, so I decided they needed to be 5 cm long and the width was measured at the foremost end of the bracer - 7 cm. However a measure of my hand showed that they need to be 9 cm wide to adequately cover it. So I drew a 9x5 cm rectangle and started playing with it:

Finally I came up with this shape:

It is now time for a mock-up. For this I needed a few more scales, so I traced the scale template and cut 5 more scales:

When I finally liked rivet locations after a few hours of punching holes, taping them, punching more and taping them again and again and again, it was time to trace the shape to the leather I have chosen. Actually "leather" is quite a strong word, as it is pure 2mm thick PVC. However I chose it, because it looks enough like leather with its leather-like texture and meanwhile is ways easier to obtain and about a hundred times cheaper than thick leather.

I tried to trace the shape using white chalk, but it wouldn't leave a clear line on the PVC imitation leather, so I had to use white tire marker

Then I cut all the pieces, punched the holes and of course I couldn't wait for the first mock-up assembly of the bracers:

Now it's time for all the straps and buckles that will hold the entire thing on my arm. I cut the straps from the same material.

Then I fold about 2 cm from the end of the strap...

...and punch a hole near the folded end using a 3mm drift.

The result is two holes almost touching each other:

Next step is to cut the material between the two holes using a scalpel, thus forming an oval hole:

Insert the buckle:

And punch another hole for the rivet, that will hold the buckle in place:

The finished strap:

A minute later cut to size and with a hole for the rivet that will connect it to the bracer:

Repeat 5 more times:

Next thing I needed were the straps with the holes for the other end. First I cut them:

Then I punch the holes:

And voila - there's a set of straps for the bracer:

I also needed two straps for the finger loops. I cut them and punched some holes in them to match the holes in the foremost scale of the gauntlet:

And finally the time for the final assembly:

With the two bracers assembled the only thing that remained was to hammer the rivets. Finally I've got a pair of leather bracers, which also protect my hands:

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Nataly Novatska каза...

Wow awesome tutorial! You should try real leathe though. Just buy a leather garment from a used clothing store, its cheap and a great source of many types of leather you wont even find in crafts stores.

Mayvena каза...

Thanks Nataly :)
I usually use genuine leather, precisely from used clothing stores :) However for this particular project I needed much thicker and harder material then the leather used for garments.
Anyway, this design proved so successful that I managed to sell about a hundred pairs on Ebay before the local shop I was buying the faux leather from told me they are not going to offer it anymore :( I've been looking for a replacement ever since, but I haven't found any yet. Not for that price at least.

mad hatter #5 каза...

How do you find these tiny buckles??? I've looked at multiple craft stores, no luck. I even searched online for them and couldn't find any. :(

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